Extended introduction to web development

The seminar is organized in cooperation with INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung with the support of Nevma Web Design. A new class is starting at April 18, 2019. No prior coding experience is needed, just basic computing skills. You bring the motivation and together we will make it all the way to your dream job.

On completion the students will be able to create web sites and web applications, using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP and VueJS technologies.

Am I eligible?

Apart of the General Eligibility requirements, there are no extra requirements for this course.

General eligibility (click arrow to open)
  • Do you live in Athens?
  • Are you highly motivated to learn computer programming?
  • Do you have the time to commit to the three months programme?
  • Are you willing to put in a lot of hours (15-25 / week) for studying?
  • Do you have an intermediate level in English?
  • Are you looking for a job, or are you a refugee/migrant who wants to live in Greece?

If you meet these requirements, then you can proceed with the application process and complete the 4 steps below.

Step 1: Khan Academy free online course

You should complete the first 6 chapters (from “About” to “Web development tools”) from this introductory Khan Academy free online course.
This will teach you the basics of how to make a website, and it should take you maximum 5-8 hours (but this depends on you). When you’ve completed this course, you can continue to the next step.

Step 2: CodePen website

The next step is to create a simple website here. This website should:

  • Show everything you’ve learned in the Khan Academy course
  • Use HTML and CSS
  • Be about anything you like

Put your best and when you’ve completed this website click “Save” at the top of the screen and copy somewhere the link of the website you created (you will use this link later in the application form).

Step 3: Letter of Motivation

You should write a ‘Letter of Motivation’ which should be at approximately 500 words long. You will use this letter in the application form, too.
This letter should contain:

  • Information about yourself
  • Why you want to be a developer
  • Any background you have with computers

Step 4: The application form

The last step is to fill in your details in this form, along with what you have been asked to do in steps 2 and 3. After we examine all applications, we ‘ll let you know about your results. The applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that no questions will be answered during the process! The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that you can understand the basics.

The next class is scheduled for: April 18, 2019

Application Deadline: –