The first non-profit initiative focusing on teaching computer programming to the most vulnerable groups in Greece
“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, some others build windmills”, Chinese proverb

Learn to Code - Take the Chance

The background

More than 2 million displaced people have arrived on Europe's shores since 2015, with many of them entering through Greece. At the same time, Europe faces an estimated shortage of 400,000 software developers and this is projected to reach 800,000 by 2020.

About us

REvive Greece is a registered non-profit with a mission to help refugees and migrants to integrate into the European socioeconomic fabric, by re-skilling them on computer programming, an in-demand skill. Then we prepare, support and connect them with the private sector for job placement.

What we do

We help you to become a web developer

We teach you everything you need to become a junior web developer and be capable of making any website (courses cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, and React). Duration of the program is 3 months (full-time). No prior coding experience is needed, just elementary computing skills (e.g., use the internet, send emails, etc.)

We give you a big push to start your career as a web developer

We assign a mentor to coach you.
We prepare you for employment and support you through our connections in the ICT industry until you find a job and start making a decent living. Then it is up to you how far you will go. Only the sky is the limit!

We give you the equipment

All graduates get the laptop they used at the course to start with their professional life.

What I have to do?

You must prove that you have a strong desire to learn to code.
You must attend all courses.


Match and Teach Me for Integration

e-learningOur e-Learning platform. Students attend courses from the smartphones they already have, which we convert them to micro-computers, with the use of some essential equipment we provide for free. The curriculum we use is drawn from established video courses, which we combine with real-time interaction with mentors through web chat.

Code Camp

code campA physical (brick-and-mortar) coding school which both uses and complements the e-Learning platform. Experienced educators and software engineers teach the students our curriculum. We also provide each student a laptop to work with. Last but not least, remote mentors help and guide them on the most challenging issues through a web conference.



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How you will find us

15 Victoros Ougko St., 10437 Athens, Greece


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